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Serving pastors and church leaders with biblical training, mentoring and counseling.


Empowering the evangelical and baptist churches of Ecuador, Latin America, and USA (hispanic world), through theological education, books & literature, pastoral training programs, leadership development, educative management, bioethics, and pastoral & family ministries, to become mature bodies of Christ, to in turn carry out the Great Commission around of the World.


Working with the local Quichua church in Chimborazo in training church leaders, and developing community projects.


Pastor of the Santos Pamba Quicha Christian & Missionary Alliance Church.  He is currently president of the Ecuadorian Quichua Christian & Missionary Alliance Church.  The Santos Pamba church runs an after school program for children in the community providing tutoring help and a meal. The church also has a pre-school class meeting every day. 


Working in Kenya to provide Community Health Education to rural communities.  Expressing the Love of Christ through a wholistic ministry approach.  Our Community Health Education programs provide basic training benefiting everyone.

Freddy and Sandy Garcia


Freddy and Sandy García, were working in their chosen professions in Ecuador when they felt God was calling them to do more for the Kingdom.  They took a step of faith and quit their jobs when the Lord provided an opportunity to study with Christ for the Nations in Columbia, South America.  They were diligent in their studies and completed all of the course work for their area of preparation.  Upon returning to Ecuador to begin ministry, they discovered the Lord had additional preparation for them to complete.  God provided them with the opportunity to study at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas.  They studied for two and a half years and with Freddy receiving a Pastoral training degree and Sandy with a degree in Child and Family Counseling.  Following God’s direction, they returned to Ecuador with the call to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and start a new church in the city of Quito.  Please pray for them and their family.

Simon and Esther


Simon and Esther live and work in Uganda with their four children.  Their goal is to holistically transform lives and communities through the power of the Gospel. He is the CHE coordinator for the Africa Gospel Church of Uganda. CHE touches both the spiritual and physical areas of a person’s life.   He works not only to change lives but also train leaders to do the same. As part of Simon’s holistic approach, he is active in the movement Farming God’s Way.  This is a simple tool of equipping to empower the poor to help themselves. Sustainable methods of farming are taught to the poor.

Greyson and Ruth


Greyson and Ruth live in Malawi with their 3 natural children and 10 adopted children.  This desire to help children in orphanages is a result of his personal life experience.  His father and Mother divorced when he was a child.  After that his mother died and there was no one to care for Greyson and his siblings.  They went into an orphanage.  He has a heart for helping disadvantaged children with food, material needs and showing them love.  Greyson started a ministry Child Mobilization for Christ (CMC) which works to encouraged young people to set up children’s groups in their communities.  These young people meet with the children on regular basis for training and discipleship.  Farming is their main legacy.  Greyson grows different crops. There is enough food for the family and extra products to help cover ministry expenses.

Sammy and Merian


Sammy and Merian are from Kenya but have and are working in a number of ministries in neighboring countries.  He enjoys giving cross cultural trainings.  His current focus has been training leaders for children. Women and children for the most part are not culturally respected in this area of Africa so the trainings are important in raising the level of respect for these groups. Sammy works with Pastors and other leaders encouraging them to love and make ministry to women and children an important part of life, and the church.  CHE is one of the programs Sammy is using to meet people’s needs in a holistically (physically and spiritually) manner that completely changes their lives and can positively impact the lives of those around them.  He has a Bachelor of Arts in Human and Social Studies (Community Development) and a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry.

Estuardo & Mariana Lopez


Teaching adults and youth to read and write and using the classes as a tool for evangelization.

Estuardo works with the Ecuadorian Evangelical Fellowship which represents the Church before the Government, and also works in training churches and leaders.

Ramiro & Mercy Baez


Pastor, Director of two Christian schools, National Director of the Berean Church, and National Director of Samaritans Purse.

Angel & Marlene Aguirre


Directing a bible institute in the prison in Latacunga, Ecuador, which includes theology classes as well as training Christian leaders within the prison.

Gloria, Levi and Mico Hidalgo


The Hidalgo family lives in Pucallpa, Peru, an entrance city to the Amazon Rain Forest.  Since 2002 they have dedicated their lives to helping the indigenous peoples of the upper Amazon Rain Forest.  Using the river as a transportation highway, they travel by boat to help over 100 villages with water filters, transporting medical teams for onsite treatment, sharing the gospel, and providing education.  The Orality Seminary is part of this education where future pastors memorize 50 stories from the Bible and then move into a village to start a church. In June of 2020, Ricardo who started the ministry with Gloria his wife, went to be with the Lord.  Levi, their son who was already working with them in ministry, along with his wife, Mico stepped in working with Gloria to continue the River Ministry.  Levi’s work in the Hidalgo River ministry for many years, has prepared him to assume responsibility for the leadership of the ministry.  He has a degree in musical production along with training in tourism. 



Beatrice has heard the call of God to dedicate 3 years of her life to serving him in Quito, Ecuador.  She will be working with another Palm Missionary, Pastor David Vega in a church he is starting in a needy area of the city of Quito.  She will be serving the Lord in many different areas in the local church ministry.  Her move to Quito is scheduled for September of this year.

Fernando & Teresa Lay


Pastoring the Evangelical Church of Iñaquito in North Quito.  The church has 5 services on Sunday.  The goal of the church is to return to each home the biblical and spiritual formation (Dt.6:6-9). They are also involved in unifying the Evangelical churches in Ecuador.

Edwin Brown


Working in the Ecuadorian jail system preaching, providing discipleship courses and hope for those in prison.

Pastor Dario and Lucia Tello


Founder of RESTAURACION church, located in Guayaquil, Ecuador, since 1996.
Bringing the Word of God to areas of much economic and spiritual need in the city, as well as in sister/missionary  churches located in the jungle area of Esmeraldas, Ecuador.

Lorenzo and Luz Maria Cepeda


Founded and pastor the church “La Bondad de Dios” located in Santo Domingo Ecuador.  It is an indigenous Quichua church.  They also sponsor two daughter churches located in Chimborazo, Ecuador.  Lorenzo has had the opportunity to travel and preach in other countries.

Jamie and Corina Betancourt


Pastor of The Iglesia Evangelica Comite del Pueblo.  The church has started a daughter church that is about 2 hours outside of Quito.  A Haitian church was displaced as a result of an earthquake a few years ago and are now using the first floor of the church as their meeting place.

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