Gloria’s Miracle

Over 2 years ago during a visit to Florida, Gloria was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Gloria and Ricardo, her husband, returned to Pucallpa, Peru which is an entrance city to the AMAZON RAIN forest.  Since 2002 they have dedicated their lives to helping the indigenous peoples who live in the upper Amazon jungle.  Using the river as a transportation highway, they are impacting over 100 villages providing clean drinking water, water filters, transporting medical teams from the USA to care for the physical needs of the people.  They also provide many training programs.

They immediately requested surgery to be performed in Lima.  Imagine their anguish as for 2 years they would travel over 600 miles from Pucallpa to Lima to prepare for brain surgery.  Each time after a number of days in Lima they were told the situation had changed and the hospital was not going to be able to preform the surgery.  They would return to Pucallpa to minister and continue to pray for healing or a miracle surgery for the brain tumor. 

God was at work.  One of their friends here in the United States, was able to find a non-profit organization which would cover 75% of the surgery if it was preformed in Atlanta.  There was still a need to trust God for visas for travel and the additional 25% which was not covered by the non-profit. 

One of the surgeons provided his services free of charge.  A hotel next to the hospital in Atlanta gave them a special rate since Gloria would be recovering from brain surgery.  The surgery was preformed through the nasal passages which is less invasive than traditional brain surgery.  The recovery time was also much quicker with this type of brain surgery.  A family in northern Florida provide a place to stay for continued recuperation once Gloria was released to travel.  The additional 25% needed for the procedure was provided.  These are just some of God’s provision.  As you will note, no names were mentioned because everyone involved is giving Praise to God for the way he has put everything together.

Each day since surgery Gloria has been improving.  No longer walking with a cane.  The headaches are disappearing.  She has been able to look at TV whereas before surgery, the light from the TV increased her headaches.  Her vision is returning.  

Gloria recognizes how good God has been to her.  She is so thankful for the opportunity to return to her life work of helping the indigenous people of Peru.  Give thanks to God with us at Palm Missionaries Ministries for the Miracle God has given to Gloria.