ALFALIT ECUADOR partners with Palm Missionary Ministries.  Alfalit is registered with the government to work in rural areas in the area of Education.  The love of Christ shining through the work of these Ecuadorian missionaries extends beyond the students and impacts the homes and families of these students.

The Pedernales section of Ecuador’s school year runs from April to the first days of January.  The children enrolled with us were tutored during the school year, but we had noticed some learning problems in many of the children.   We talked to the teachers and principals of the public schools gathering information to organize a summer course for the students who needed to reinforce their reading and writing skills.

During February and the first two weeks of March, we had around 40 kids from public schools. They are in fifth, sixth, seventh and even eight grades.  Some of them could not believe that they were going to learn how to read, they have been mocked by their parents and families because they couldn´t read.

The program came to an abrupt halt when the quarantine began in Ecuador.  A daily curfew was declared by the government which lasts from 2pm until 5am the next morning.  We have kept in touch with teachers, students and their parents using cell phones and social media.  We immediately prepared materials on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and shared that with everyone.  We long for this crisis to be over so we can return to serving the children in this community.

Ask God how much you can give at this time to help provide food and other necessities to those who literally have nothing and are not allowed out of the house to work?  Click on DONATE and designate your gift for CORONAVIRUS RELIEF.