Ecuadorian Prison Worship continues inspite of CoronaVirus

PALM missionary Edwin Brown reports that conditions in the Ecuadorian prisons are horrible.  Prisoners are locked in their cells except for a 3-hour period each day when they are allowed to go out in a secure patio to exercise.  This is done on a rotating basis keeping the different cell blocks separated in an attempt to reduce the rate of infection.   Water is only available for 1 hour each day, there is extraordinarily little food and almost no medicine.  (This is not a criticism of the government since outside the prison conditions are extremely difficult and the government is doing everything possible to handle the situation.)

The CHURCH in the prison continues to worship and trust in God.  Each cell block has a pastor who is responsible for the believers in his cell block.  Edwin along with other PALM missionaries are providing preaching and teaching to these leaders who are then sharing the Word of God with the members of their cell block church.  The believers gather daily for Praise, Worship and Prayer. The pictures are evidence that God is at work amid the worldwide crisis.  

Please Pray for these whose lives have been transformed through the Palm Missionaries’ ministry in the Ecuadorian Prison System. Ask God how much you can give at this time to help provide food and other necessities to those who literally have nothing and are not allowed out of the house to work?  Click on DONATE and designate it for CORONAVIRUS RELIEF.