Education Transforms a Life

Rosa Morales, June 2021 (translated by Mark Rollins)

Rosa with Mariana Valarezo the Ecuadorian director of Alfalit

Imagine Rosa’s life in Bellavista a forested mountain area of Ecuador only 2 hours from Quito the capital.  Her parents along 12 children of which Rosa was one, eked out a living working in agriculture.  When Alfalit arrived for the first time to Bellavista there was no potable water, electricity, sewer system or any paved roads.  Alfalit opened an education center and began teaching teenagers to read and write.  Rosa’s family along with others, were able to finish their basic level of education and received a certificate from the Department of Education.  Upon completion of their basic level, they were able to enroll in a High School close to Quito and graduated with honors.  Rosa is currently enrolled in the university majoring in Bank and Financial Administration.  The education center opened by Alfalit provided the opportunity for Rosa and her family to break the cycle of poverty.

You can join with Alfalit in helping Ecuadorian families break the poverty cycle by clicking on the donate button on our website.  For every dollar donated only 8 cents is retained for administration purposes.  Imagine, 92% of your donation goes directly to this ministry.  Thank you for helping in this work.