Welcome to our newest Palm Missionary


Beatrice who is currently living and working in the Tampa Florida area has heard the call of God to dedicate 3 years of her life to serving him in Quito, Ecuador.  She will be working with another Palm Missionary, Pastor David Vega in a church he is starting in a needy area of the city of Quito.  She will be serving the Lord in many different areas in the local church ministry.

Beatrice has known the Lord for many years and her life experiences have matured her for the commitment she is making.  She has 4 adult children and has been blessed with a 7 ½ year old granddaughter, with a grandson arriving in July of this year.  This is quite a commitment to follow the Lord when there are so many personal reasons to just stay the current course in which she finds herself.  Prayer is needed not only for Beatrice as she leaves but for the family that is staying behind and will miss her.

Please pray for Beatrice as she is developing her support team.  She needs prayer warriors to hold her up daily before the Lord and help in resisting the enemy.  God will be preparing people to commit monthly for her support so that her attention is not divided between serving the people of Ecuador and trying to make sure there is enough financial support to cover her living expenses.  May God not only supply all of her personal needs but provide an abundance of funds allowing her to bless others to whom she is ministering in practical financial means.  

You can become a part of Beatrice’s team by using our website to set up a monthly donation, single donation or mail a donation to Palm Missionary Ministries 203 Long Lake Road, Hawthorne, FL. 32640.  In whatever way you choose to support Beatrice, please include her name with the donation.