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Reflections on the year 2021 donations

Palm Missionary Ministries continues to move forward enabling and facilitating the development of national ministers working within their own country. Our world continues changing and we at Palm Missionary Ministries are attempting to adapt to the changes without compromising Biblical truth.

The Palm Board has approved the application of our first North American missionary candidate, Beatrice Vazquez. You can read her article here on the website. Please keep her in your prayers as she is building a financial and prayer team.

Palm’s long history (founded in 1987) has resulted in approximately 84% of all donations being made via checks for which there is no transaction fee. PayPal had been the other traditional means of donating to our missionaries. In 2021 approximately 5% of our donations were made using PayPal. We continue to receive donations via PayPal but contracted Cornerstone Ministries to host our website donations which comprised 11% of the donations for 2021. All personal confidential information from donors is stored on their secure website. They are a Christian organization and charge a slightly smaller transaction fee than PayPal. They have also accommodated my request to allow the donor, if he/she so wishes, to cover the exact amount of the transaction fee. Last year 65% of the transaction fees from our website donations were covered by the donors. This allows more funds to go directly to our missionaries. (Both the donation and transaction fee are tax deductible.)  We have dedicated volunteers helping run Palm Missionary Ministries, which allows us to continue to withhold only 8% of the donated amount to cover administrative costs.

I have written this report to help donors feel confident that the greatest amount possible of their donation is going directly the missionary family/individual. It is also my hope that you will be an advocate for the missionary family or individual you are supporting. Many of our missionaries work additional jobs to meet their financial responsibilities, any additional income would allow them more time for ministry.

If you have any questions concerning this article or any other aspect of Palm Missionary Ministries, please feel free to contact me via my personal cell phone: 630-310-6557