We have been hit hard here in the USA but how does it compare to the following:

Guayaquil, Ecuador – Due to a lack of medical facilities, many of those suffering from the virus had to remain at home.  The families of those who died, in some cases had to wait days before the government was able to remove the body.

Pifo, Ecuador – A private church school which receives partial support via PALM donations was shut down but there are no funds to pay teachers. The church along with needing funds to pay teachers, needs funds to purchase food to distribute to those who have nothing.

Ecuador is under a curfew starting at 2pm and lasting until 5am the next morning.  This is being enforced by the government as Identification Cards are checked and people are questioned as to their reason for being out.  Families are without income to purchase food since there is no work.

Pucallpa, Peru – River transportation has stopped so the indigenous population has no way to secure food other than what they have in their village.  Everything has stopped so people find themselves between obeying the order to stay at home without food or go out in search of food exposing themselves to the Covid-19 virus.

Kenya, Africa – by order of the government everyone is to stay at home.  Our missionary who works in health education in villages is not able to travel to those villages.  Generally, internet connections are not available so information about how they are doing is not available.  Kenya is experiencing bad floods again and families in the affected areas not only suffer from the virus but many have lost their possessions. 

PALM missionaries are not at 100 percent support so many have to work income producing jobs along with their ministries so they can meet their monthly needs yet, additional donations are being used to help others who have nothing.

PRAY – for our missionaries, this is a very difficult time.

GIVE – some of us have not lost our jobs and are able to continue to work from home and help others financially. 

DONATE – there has been an increase in giving to PALM Missionaries these past few weeks; CAN YOU GIVE AN ADDITIONAL OFFERING?  If you can, mark it COVID-19 along with the name of the missionary or specify it “unrestricted.”  PALM has waved the 8% ADMINISTRATIVE fee on these donations.

TRANSACTION FEES: Thanks to all of you who have chosen to cover the transaction fees for your donations.  As a result, we do not have to reduce your donation.